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RAF Benevolent Fund

Festive Tree Wrap

Festive Tree Wrap

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Wrap your holiday presents with love and style using our Festive Tree Wrap. This exceptional wrapping paper features enchanting tree patterns and vibrant colours, adding a touch of joy to your gifts.

Every pack includes 4 sheets (2 of each design) of flat wrapping paper, each sheet measuring 695mm x 500mm.

Additionally, you'll receive 8 sticker tags and wrap sealing stickers, each measuring 240mmx165mm, to add that extra festive touch.

Beyond being a means to cover your gifts, our Festive Tree Wrap is an essential part of the holiday experience, making every gift you give a symbol of the love and joy you wish to share.

Each pack of Festive Tree Wrap ensures your presents look as special on the outside as they are on the inside. With 4 sheets of wrapping paper and the included sticker tags and wrap sealing stickers, you can effortlessly enhance your gift presentation. It's not just about covering a gift; it's about creating an experience. The joy of unwrapping a beautifully wrapped gift is unparalleled, and with our Festive Tree Wrap, you can make that joy a reality for everyone on your gift list.

What's even more heart-warming is that every purchase supports the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, making your holiday celebrations impactful on the lives of veterans and serving personnel. Your choice of wrapping paper isn't just about aesthetics; it's about contributing to a greater purpose. When you choose our Festive Tree Wrap, you choose to wrap your gifts with love and share the spirit of giving.

Wrap your gifts, and by extension, your love and support, with Festive Tree Wrap this holiday season. Make each present not only a delight to open but also a symbol of your commitment to making the world a better place, one gift at a time.

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