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Icarus Originals


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Own a piece of history with Icarus Originals. Founded by a Royal Air Force engineer and a Retired Royal Navy engineer, Icarus Originals creates products made using metal reclaimed from global icons. Every Icarus Originals product is produced with aluminium reclaimed from the icon it represents, and each one is designed, individually crafted and hand finished in the UK.

Celebrating the most memorable designs from the worlds of aviation, road and rail, each commemoration is created with the people who have made the truly icon great to ensure its spirit lives on through the product. From the fastest ever English Electric Lightning to the last flying Vulcan, Icarus Originals products are the ultimate high-flying accessory.

Along with a selection of world-famous icons, Icarus Originals products feature the following RAF aircrafts; English Electric Lightning, Tornado GR4, F4 Phantom, Official Red Arrows Hawk T1, Tornado F3,  Jaguar GR3 and F-35.

Orders fulfilled by Icarus Originals via their website. We will receive 2% on all their direct sales, and 1% on indirect sales through any partners.